This Home page is for tourists who are looking for Volunteer Guide in Nara.


Tourists from India

Hi! I’m Madoka. Today was my last guide. The weather was really bad today, but really nice family from India talked to me and we visited Todaiji-temple.

Tourists from Spain

Hi, I am Kenta. I met nice people from Spain at Tobihino, the place where  a flock of deer come to. At Tobihino, when the guy started to play the trumpet,  they came here to get food.

we made it! we ate fresh “motch”(rice cake)

Hello, I’m Yuko. Today, I guided two Canadian. We talked about how to work in each country. The most surprising thing for me is that they can take a day off for a mental rest in Canada. On the other hand, we only take a day off from work when we get sick in Japan. In addition, we talked about senior and junior, in Japanese, we can them “Senpai” and “Kohai”. It’s nice to respect senior as Japanese do, but also I feel it’s good to be friendly with anyone like Canadian.

Portuguese have long name?

Hi! I’m Ayako. This will be my last post here because I will graduate from uni soon…  

from NZ

Hello! Today, I guided the tourists from NZ. They are students and they are in holiday. I heard that they travel around Asian countries. 

Huang ying ni lai riben!  from China

Hi, there! I’m Hiroka. I was approved in Aug of the last year, and working as a member of committee right now. So, if you take an interested in our organization, please check it out to approach me from the website! 

Tourists from Singapore.

Hello, I’m Sayaka. Today, I guided three tourists from Singapore. They stayed in Japan about one month ago. Their tour stated in Hokkaido, they went to Tokyo and FujiQ and came to Kansai area.We go to three temples, shrine and restaurant. We enjoyed talking about our language and culture. They said if I go to Singapore, they will guide. I was happy to hear that. さやかです。今日はシンガポールから来た三人のツーリストさんを案内しました。彼らは約1カ月前から日本にいて、北海道からはじまり、東京や富士急などを行き、現在は関西で旅しているそうです。私たちは三大寺社仏閣やレストランに行き、会話を楽しみました。もし私がシンガポールに行ったら案内をしてくれると言ってくれたので、とても嬉しかったです。

couple from India

Hi, I’mTomoka. Today, I guided couple from India. She can’t eat meet, fish, egg, so we went to

A wonderful tourist from the Philippines

Hello. I’m Kosuke. Today, I guided a wonderful tourist from the Philippines.

A tourist from Singapore

Hi, I’m Ayane! Today, I and Narumi who joined as a trial guide had a reservation from a woman from Singapore, originally from Malaysia.

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