This Home page is for tourists who are looking for Volunteer Guide in Nara.


Happy life

Hello, I’m Taiju. I’m a member of Nara Student Guide. On May.8, I guide 4 Brazilian people. I find them in Kofukuzi-temple. The group has 3 women and 1 man. Actually,

very close family from UK

Hello, I’m Tomoka. There is just one week until the end of April. Even the era

Strawberry Love 💓💓

Hello, I’m Yumi. It was a lovely day for me. I want to share the story of the tour with you.

A tourist from France

Hi, I’m Rihoko. I had a nice day with a tourist from France on 7th April. We talked a lot about Japanese things and French things.   We went to Kofuku-ji temple, Todai-ji temple, which is famous for the great buddha, and Kasuga shrine. It was a good season to see the cherry blossoms. I’ll show you the picture!   It was so memorable for me to talk about war and nuclear power. They were so difficult topics, but I learned a lot from a talk about them with a foreigner.   Lastly, we went to Sarusawa inn. In the inn, you can experience traditional Japanese cultures, for example, Syodo, …

Tourists from Singapore

Hi, I’m Ayane. I had a wonderful time with a lovely family from Singapore on April 4th.

Wonderful tourist from Malaysia

Hello, I am Hiroki. Today I had reservation from a tourist from Malaysia. I worked in Malaysian foods factory in Australia. I reminded the memory of working there.

Tourists from India

Hi! I’m Madoka. Today was my last guide. The weather was really bad today, but really nice family from India talked to me and we visited Todaiji-temple.

Tourists from Spain

Hi, I am Kenta. I met nice people from Spain at Tobihino, the place where  a flock of deer come to. At Tobihino, when the guy started to play the trumpet,  they came here to get food.

we made it! we ate fresh “motch”(rice cake)

Hello, I’m Yuko. Today, I guided two Canadian. We talked about how to work in each country. The most surprising thing for me is that they can take a day off for a mental rest in Canada. On the other hand, we only take a day off from work when we get sick in Japan. In addition, we talked about senior and junior, in Japanese, we can them “Senpai” and “Kohai”. It’s nice to respect senior as Japanese do, but also I feel it’s good to be friendly with anyone like Canadian.

Portuguese have long name?

Hi! I’m Ayako. This will be my last post here because I will graduate from uni soon…  

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