Hi! I’m Rihoko.
I guided a nice couple from Israel on last Thursday. We went to famous temples, shrines and a old town, Naramachi. It was so hot but they said it was nice weather!

First, we went to Kofuku-ji temple and Todai-ji temple. There were deer, and we took many pictures with them. He has a SLR camera and he was a great photographer! And there were many students on school trip. When I was junior high, I also came to Nara. So they sure bring back my memories.

We talked about our food. In japan, rice, miso soup and many kind of small dishes are popular style. In Israel main foods are rye bread and vegetables. They usually stuff vegetables into bread. And bean paste is popular too, they said.

Then we went to Kasuga Taisha shrine. They liked there the best. The scenery of standing lanterns and deer was wonderful! They took many photos too. They believe in Judaism, and we talked about our religion. I found something in common that we think the God is in everywhere.

During this tour we talked about a lot of topics, and I can learn about culture, food and religion in Israel and Japan.

Thank you for coming to Nara!!