Hello, I’m Tomoka.
There is just one week until the end of April. Even the era

Today I guide one family from UK. We went to Kohfukuji temple, Todaiji temple and did some culture experiences (origami, calligraphy and wearing coutumes of rikishi, ninjya)

Parents are from Italy, so they speak Italian with their family and speak English at outside. It was amaging for me they can comunicate fluently with twe languages!

One of the most memorable thing is they are very close family. They said, usualy we don’t have enough time with family , but instead of it , traveling become the time with family. I hope today become one of the wonderful family memory.




一番の印象は本当に仲のいい家族ということ。普段はあんまり一緒にはいれないけれど、たくさん旅行をして、旅行の時間が家族との時間になるそう。 今日の旅行も家族のいい思い出になってくれているといいなぁ〜