Hello, I’m Yumi.

It was a lovely day for me. I want to share the story of the tour with you.

The girl, who is seven years old, is a big fun of strawberry. Every time she saw strawberry, she got excited. Not only that,she has a lot of fondness like mochi, Pokémon, sports… etc.

She told me about such her fondness, but I couldn’t make a conversation with her about only Pokémon due to lack of my knowledge about it.😂

The most important purpose of their visit to Nara was to see deers. At first, the girl was so excited, but after she saw the deers bit and pull her father’s clothes for biscuits, she looked to be scared of deers. Oh, deer!😂

Anyway, they looked to enjoy and get to like Nara so much. I was happy to see them. And they were so nice! The father talked a lot, the mother was so kind and the girl was so pretty! I suggest they will come back to Nara someday and hope to see them soon. 

Thank you for reading my story.





彼らが奈良に来た最大の目的は鹿を見ることだったらしく、最初女の子はとても張り切っていました。でも、お父さんが鹿せんべいをあげている時に、鹿に服を噛まれたり引っ張られたりしているのをみて、鹿が怖くなっちゃったみたいです。これこそまさに”Oh, deer!(かわいそうに!)”ですよね、、、