Hello, I am Hiroki.

Today I had reservation from a tourist from Malaysia. I worked in Malaysian foods factory in Australia. I reminded the memory of working there.

We visited Kouhukuji-temple, Toudaiji-temple and Kasuga-shrine. We walked a lot and She counted how far we walked today, which was more than 10km!!! We enjoyed seeing sites in warm wheather today.

We had lunch in Kasugano restaurant. More than 6 months have passed since I went there with tourists and working people greeted me “Long time no see”. We enjoyed having lunch there. After we visited Nara-Machi, we had iced-coffee in a cafe near from Kintetsu Nara station and say good-bye in the station.

I really enjoyed guiding today and thank you for coming to Nara.




ここでは全て書ききれませんが、なかなか内容の濃いガイドでした! Malarさん、ありがとうございました!!!