Hello, I’m Yuko. Today, I guided two Canadian. We talked about how to work in each country. The most surprising thing for me is that they can take a day off for a mental rest in Canada. On the other hand, we only take a day off from work when we get sick in Japan. In addition, we talked about senior and junior, in Japanese, we can them “Senpai” and “Kohai”. It’s nice to respect senior as Japanese do, but also I feel it’s good to be friendly with anyone like Canadian.

Anyway, we went to two temples and one shrine. It was rainy day and there weren’t many tourists. Thus, it was peaceful and lovely. 
Also, we saw the show to pound steamed rice for “motch”; rice cake luckily . There is a famous mochi shop in Nara. Fresh mochi was so great.
Overall, it was a great day. Thank you for choosing us for the guide tour:)
こんにちは!今日はカナダ人のお二人をガイドしました。わたしは4月から社会人になるので、それぞれの国の働き方や専攻と仕事の関連性などについて話しました。私が一番驚いたことは、カナダでは病気で仕事を休む以外に自分のメンタルのために休んでも大丈夫ということです。今日は気分的にしんどい時に仮病ではなく、mental restを取れるのはおもしろいなと思いました。