Hi! I’m Madoka! Today I guided the Chinese couple at Kohuku-ji temple, Todaiji-temple and Kashga-taisha shrine.

Today was the super nice day for us to visit those places!

In Kohuku-ji temple, the Buddhism memorial service for celebrating the rebuilding the central main hall was held. The central main hall wan burnt out about 300 yrs ago so it was really lucky to see that hall.

At Kasuga-taisha shrine, we encountered the Japanese style wedding ceremony. Many tourists including us were really impressed with having a such opportunity to see the wedding. And felt really happy after seeing it.

They who I guided today were the ideal couple for me. After Father retired his work, they enjoy travelling all over the world together. This year they already visited Israel, Uk, USA and Japan… So many!!!

Enjoy your rest of stay in Japan and enjoy your next adventure.