Hi! I’m Tomoka. This is my first time to write this blog. Nice to meet you.

Yesterday, it was not so hot and enchanting weather. I guided nice couple from Nether lands like the weather.

We went to Todaiji Temple, kohfukuji Temple, Gangoji Temple, Karakuri Toy Museum and more! Karakuri Toy Museum seems like a facility for childen but even adult can enjoy! The couple seemed to enjoy it. Temple and shrine are also good, but when you have time, please go to Karakuri Toy Museum!

They had traveled Japan for a long time, so let me see a lot of photoes. They also went to Kamikouchi, in Nagano. The photoes were beautiful, so L felt I want to go Kamikouchi someday. It is one of fascination of guide that we can find the goodness of each country.

She is having a baby and they seid, when the baby is born and grow up, they hope to come to Japan again with the child. I want meet them again at that time.