Hi! I’m a member of Nara Student Guide, Yoshi.

I guided 5 Belgian energetic men around some famous spots in Nara, Todaiji-

temple, Kofukuji-temple, Kasuga-shrine, and Harushika where we can taste five types

of Japanese sake. I was really happy that they listened to my explanations seriously.

They can speak more than three or four languages,because Belgium has three

official language, French, Dutch, and German. It is completely different from Japan.

By the way,there were so many Europeans who are on long vacation, I’m so jealous them…

I recommend you who haven’t decided where to go on vacation to come to Nara!





学生のうちにいろんな経験がしたい! と思っている方がいらしたら,ぜひ奈良学生ガイドにご参加ください^^ 興味のある方は「こちら」から!