Hello, I’m Yuka!
I met a really nice couple from Australia at Todai-ji temple.

They are Chilean and Italian. They met in the graduate school in Australia and got married! Congratulations! I’m very happy that they chose to come to Japan as honeymoon trip : )
We visited Todai-ji temple and Kasuga grand shrine.
At Kasuga grand shrine, we could meet a couple who just held a Japanese traditional style wedding ceremony there. It looked very sacred. We gave them a Japanese word “omedetou ” which means “Congratulations.”
And we prayed for the gods of Kasuga grand shrine in a Shinto way. (clapped hands twice) I hoped that they spend a great time in Japan and live happily forever.
I could be shared a lot of happiness with Simon & Eleonora today.
Thanks a lot! Have a nice honeymoon trip!!