Hello! I’m Yoshi.  When I wake up this morning, I got a reservation from a great couple of Bulgarian. It was the first time for me to guide Bulgarian, and I was happy to see them.

It was a comfortable day to walk around Nara, we took a lot of beautiful photos!
We ate Takoyaki sold on side of a street, and saw one traditional festival at Todaiji-temple, “Emperor Shomu Festival”. It is the Buddhist memorial service for the Emperor Shomu.
Besides, it is good season for the flowers in Yoshikien-garden. I reccomend you to go there.

 今日はブルガリアからのカップルをガイドしました! 12時過ぎからのガイドでしたが,興福寺や東大寺,春日大社や吉城園を回って充実した時間でした^^