Guten tag, I’m Yuka.

When I stay at the office in the morning, a nice couple from Germany came to me and asked to offer a tour. I was really happy and started the special tour!

We went around Kofukuji-temple, Todaiji-temple, Kasuga-grand-shrine and Naramachi. We talked about many things, not only about history of Nara but also about our daily culture such as family, marriage, food etc… They were surprised that wives often manage whole money in Japanese family. I was also surprised there was a difference!

We ate okonomiyaki for lunch. This is one of my favorite food, so I recommended to them.

After lunch, We enjoyed the scenery around old town in Naramachi. And we tried origami. I taught them how to make crane with origami. They made beautiful cranes!

Thanks for happy chance to see them!! Danke!!