Konnichiwa, I’m Ayako.

In this morning, I thought an autumn breeze has begun to blow,but it’s still HOT during the day.
Sarusawa pond is ready to hold Uneme Festival.

I guided a tourist from France to Yoshikien Garden, Todaiji Temple, Kasuga Grand Shrine,Ukimido Gazebo,Kofukuji Temple, and Naramachi nigiwai-no-ie,which is an old Japanese traditional house.
We kept walking and visited most of places to see around Nara Park.

We enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere: Nigatsudo Hall and Ukimido Gazebo are the best place to feel itemoticon-0125-mmm.gif

We talked about French culture and good & strange points of Japan while walking.
I found western greeting style interesting, like kissing on each other’s cheek.
He said the number of kissing on greeting is different from region to region.

Everytime I hear how great France is from tourists, I feel I must visit France.

Merci,have a good trip!emoticon-0102-bigsmile.gif