Hello, I’m Yuka!

I guided the tourists from China today. It was super hot!!!!!
We went to Kofukuji-temple, Todaiji-temple, Kasuga-grand-shrine, Yoshiki-en.
The great Buddha of Todaiji temple looks amazing even if I see it many times.
I’m always overwhelmed by the world’s largest wodden building and big Buddha!
Kasuga-grand-shrine area was cooler than other places. We enjoyed fortune teller.
And Yoshiki-en was really good. It was very good weather today, so we could see green moss beautifully.
We could enjoy the scenery from the tea room very well.
We ate udon(Japanese noodle) for lunch. It is easier to eat in hot summer, so I love it.
On the way to the station, we entered many shops and enjoyed shopping.
It was really good day. Thank you!!